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POSTED 04-07-2016

Working together- year to date

Brisbane Domestic Violence Service and Queensland Police Service are working together for the safety of women and children (aggrieved) and for the accountability of perpetrators (respondents).

June 2016 - first 6 months data from the Safer Lives Mobile Service.

POSTED 07-12-2015

Ken Lay address on International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Extraordinary powerful keynote address by COAG Advisory Panel on Reducing Violence against Women and their Children Chair, Mr Ken Lay delivered on 25 November 2015.

"This research tells us – there are some poisonous and deeply entrenched ideas about gender." ...

"But look into coronial inquests into women killed by their partners …friends saw it, work colleagues saw it, sporting colleagues saw it, doctors saw it, teachers saw it, family saw it, many saw it. ... These men were supported by indulgent and unaccountable cultures."

Our Watch article 25 November 2015

POSTED 14-09-2015

Opinion: Justice system, legal and support systems and society as a whole must work together to stop domestic violence

"My heart sank but my head filled with rage when I heard another woman had allegedly been murdered by her partner."

Opinion by Karyn Walsh published in The Courier Mail
11 September 2015

POSTED 14-07-2015

Journey's... a group for women

A free, confidential eight week group program for women who have experienced violence and/or other forms of abuse in their intimate relationships. This group will be facilitated by two counsellors and will combine therapuetic and educational components.

Journeys... A Group for Women Invite

POSTED 12-12-2013

Virtual Tour of a Women’s Refuge

This short film is a collaboration between Chisholm Inc and Brisbane Domestic Violence Service for women to view an example of a Women’s Refuge.

We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of 4510tv.

POSTED 29-05-2013

When first love turns to abuse

Listen to the Triple J's Hack program as they discuss the prevelnce of Domestic Violence in the lives of young women. Hear insightful discussion between Tom Tilley, Service providers and individual young women who have been willing to share their personal stories.

'When first love turns to abuse' podcast on Triple J 28th May 2013

POSTED 10-05-2013

The terror in our homes

During Domestic Violence Prevention Month there has been a lot of media attention hoping to shine a light on Domestic and Family Violence. This amazing commentary, published in The Age on 23rd April, was written by Cathy Humphreys a Professor of Social Work at Melbourne University. The article raises the question of why as a society we are outraged by the level of violence on our streets and yet complacent  about the level of violence within our homes.

Article by Cathy Humphreys in The Age 23 April 2013

POSTED 08-05-2013

DFVP Month off to a flying start

Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month takes place across Australia every year in May.

Here in Brisbane, the month began with a candle lighting ceremony on the 1st May, to commemorate those who have been lost to domestic and family violence.

Micah Projects media release 8 May 2013

POSTED 30-04-2013

Shine a light on our dark secret of domestic violence

Next Wednesday there will be a candlelight vigil at Kangaroo Point to highlight domestic violence. Why? Why do we still have to draw attention to a scourge that must be apparent to every sentient person?

It's not a secret, although plenty of people try to keep it a secret, and I doubt there is a person who has not had some direct or indirect experience of it.

Article by Terry Sweetman in The Sunday Mail 28 April 2013

POSTED 30-04-2013

Taboo Tuesday: Domestic Violence

On the eve of Domestic Violence Prevention Month local 612 ABC Brisbane focused their Taboo Tuesday show on Domestic Violence. Two of our staff Kylie Robertson and Bonnie Anderson were invited to be guests on the panel. The discussion covered a range of the issues for individuals who have experienced Domestic or Family Violence.

Interview and discussion on 612 ABC Brisbane 1 May 2013

POSTED 28-11-2012

Young Women's Voices

Micah Projects' Peer Worker Bonnie Anderson tells the story of living with the aftermath of her sister's death by domestic violence. The short film was presented to the Violence Against Women - an Inconvenient Reality Conference in Brisbane, August 2012.

Link to YouTube

Micah Projects media release 1 April 2010

POSTED 21-11-2012

New domestic violence toolkit to support women at work

The Minister for the Status of Women, Julie Collins, has today launched a toolkit aimed at improving the way unions, employers and business groups can support employees experiencing domestic or family violence and help them remain in work.“Domestic and family violence is, unfortunately, more common in Australia than many people would like to think,” Ms Collins said at the launch of the Safe at Home, Safe at Work? Toolkit in Hobart.

The Minister for the Status of Women, Julie Collins media release 20 November 2012

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16 Days of Activism: During the '16 Days of Activism' campaign, BDVS held a community event to encourage people to stand up against domestic and family violence.