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POSTED 20-01-2014

Zoe's story

I was with my ex-partner for 12 years after initially meeting at work. If I am honest, the relationship was never quite right. He was angry and emotional as he was not allowed to see his children from a previous relationship.

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POSTED 07-01-2014

Chelsea's Story

"After a month of dating he asked me to move in with him and I happily agreed so that I could get away from my sister. We started living with his parents. After four months of dating, he proposed to me. A month later we moved into our first house together and three months later he asked if we could try for a baby."

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POSTED 07-11-2012


I was a young woman from an Asian country who had moved to Australia to marry the man I loved. He started to become violent very early in our marriage. However it wasn’t until I saw an ad about domestic violence that I realised that’s what was happening to me. At first I was ashamed to talk to anyone about it, and had no idea what my rights were, but eventually things got so bad that I got in touch with a domestic violence service.

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POSTED 07-11-2012


Nicole gave a moving and inspirational speech at Micah Projects Young Mothers for Young Women International Women's Day event in March, 2011.

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BDVS Community Education: Belinda ready to meet with attendees at one of the many community events in Brisbane promoting services and support available for those impacted by domestic and family violence.