Making the initial decision to contact us can be hard in itself, but it can also be hard to physically get yourself to our service. To try and make this easier, we offer most of our services as outreach. This means we can come to you at a place that is safe for both you and our support staff. Sometimes this might mean that we can’t come to your house if the person being abusive also lives there or comes around a lot. However we can always meet you somewhere else like a coffee shop, park, library, school, doctors office, another support service you attend, or anywhere else that suits your individual situation.

The services that we provide in an outreach capacity include women’s support, children’s and youth support, advocacy, court support (for those already receiving planned support with us), community education, and training.

Getting support shouldn’t be another burden.

Contact Brisbane Domestic Violence Service.

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16 Days of Activism: During the '16 Days of Activism' campaign, BDVS held a community event to encourage people to stand up against domestic and family violence.